Jul 10, 2014

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the film N.E.D: NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE, an intimate, humorous, and inspiring documentary from the award-winning Spark Media. It is the story of six gynecological oncologists who form a band, using music to heal and educate about below the belt cancers. As music and medicine join forces in the fight for life, the surgeons are transformed into rising rock stars, and their patients and loved ones jump on the bandwagon, infusing the struggle for survival with heart, hope and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Made by Emmy award-winner Andrea Kalin, the film was called by Women’s Health magazine an “awesome discovery.” Tens of thousands of women are diagnosed every year with a GYN cancer. Nearly one in three will die. The film plays a valuable role in making sure that women will no longer say “I didn’t know.”

We are thrilled to join with NED to bring this documentary to audiences across North America.

Learn more at their website here, and make sure you are following them on Facebook and Twitter.