Don’t miss this new film from the director AV Club calls “a fresh directorial talent.”

Nov 22, 2016

Disoriented and alone, a man (Daniel Robinson) awakes in the snow, clad only in yellow swim trunks, and finds himself in a place long abandoned.  With only vague memories of his surroundings, he’s forced to rely on his instincts to discover his purpose and survive the raw elements and crippling isolation.  As time passes, however, he learns that he possesses a unique skill that helps him deal with the boredom of his solitary existence, but it can only take him so far in this captivating film The A.V. Club calls an “opening salvo from a fresh directorial talent”.


Written, filmed and edited in the wilds of Northern Ontario by filmmaker Robinson, NESTOR was shot using a standard-issue DSLR camera (a Canon T3i).  He also recorded ambient noise on his iPhone and hid a small shotgun mic wherever he could to capture sound.  There were no costumes, no special effects and a budget that crept into the low four figures.


Ultimately, NESTOR, a blend of fiction, metafiction and documentary, is a film about one man, made entirely by one man, that uniquely explores the themes of loneliness, creativity, and the drive to keep moving forward.


“Among the most daring, original films on the festival circuit this year…

A striking solo performance.”

Next Projection

“I’ve been dazzled by it.  I want to share it with all the movie lovers I know.”

— Marina Antunes, Quiet Earth

“A living monument to the DIY ethic and the undervalued nobility of being alone”

— The A.V. Club

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